I believe in simple licensing and fair deals. Therefore, I offer only two types of licensing, and all tracks available on my website are sold exclusively as final sale, without watermark:

a) a license for use by artists (ie. you're an artist and want to record to, or perform, the beat as an artist)

b) a sync license for commercial/film/movie industry (ie. you're a music supervisor)

Please note that tracks purchased outright do NOT come with stems. Stems may be requested for another fee, or you can hire me to do the mixing and mastering.

We are all trying to make the best music possible here and so I deliver files consistent with industry standard formats (ie. 32-bit, stereo .WAV, 44.1kHz). 

Due to the nature of the music industry and exclusivity, I am not able to offer refunds of ANY sort. Once you have purchased a track, it is final sale. I am unable to monitor downloads and therefore would not be able to guarantee exclusivity if a track was refunded. This is why I do not allow refunds nor trade-ins.

For more information, please refer to my Refund Policy.


1) Exclusive Performing Artist License

This is an agreement between YOU (ie. purchaser, artist, etc) and Kelsey Atlay

Commercial Use - You may upload your recording (NOT the instrumental) to streaming platforms, digital music stores, make it into hard copies, etc etc, all without limit. You keep 100% of any digital sales and/or streaming royalties, as well as any other profit earned from your recording EXCEPTING sync-licensing. For sync-licensing of your recording (ie. NOT the instrumental), please see Condition B.

Conditions -
a) I, Kelsey Atlay, retain complete ownership of the composition (ie. the instrumental).
b) If you want to pursue sync-licensing with your recording, you may, based on the following condition:
You (the artist, or licensee) agree to share with Kelsey Atlay 50% of any royalties earned from the sync-licensing of your recording made with the composition.
c) I, Kelsey Atlay, reserve the right to license-out the composition (ie. instrumental) for sync-licensing purposes.
d) I, Kelsey Atlay, guarantee that no performing artist other than yourself will be allowed to purchase and/or use the composition once payment is complete.


2) Exclusive Sync License